Welcome to White Lotus Oriental Medicine

Welcome to White Lotus Clinic

Compassionate & Gentle Health Care

Catrina Mianecki, M.Ed, MS, Cert. Clinical Aromatherapy, L.Ac.

Mission Statement:  To help people improve their quality of life by using gentle and compassionate Oriental Medicine methods to remove pain and illness and to restore vibrant whole-body health and well-being.

 The ancient wisdom from the Chinese healing arts is coupled with modern knowledge to enhance the quality of life and promote personal health on all levels.

I use a holistic approach that recognizes and values the complete nature of each person, while treating the Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual aspects of their Being.

 I believe in an integrated, cooperative and complementary healing community. I do what is best for the patient. If the therapies I use can help a patient’s condition, a treatment course is implemented. If not, I will refer them to other medical practitioners and therapists as their needs dictate.

I believe in helping patients help themselves. Every one is unique. If ten people come in with a headache, each one will be treated according to their specific constitution and needs. 

In Chinese Medicine there is a saying, “One disease many treatments”. Treatments include recommendations that the patient can do between treatments, with the goal to reduce and ultimately eliminate the treatments. The best practitioner keeps the patient healthy rather than treating disorders! 

Catrina Mianecki, M.Ed, MS, Cert. Clinical Aromatherapy, L.Ac.
White Lotus Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

Crestone, CO and Longmont, CO (monthly)
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